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Model: Mark Onir // Agency: Raven Modeling Agency // Images by Bleachnstain

Even before BNS  came to be, we had the fortunate opportunity of shooting Mark Onir in a park in Rizal some years ago. Seeing him now, what with all the magazine appearances, Mcdonald murals, Cosmo Bashes, he remains the same easy-smiling, ruggedly-coy boy we shot back then.  Shooting him again now for modeling agency RAVEN was a feast, it’s great working with new models, but there is comfort in shooting ones that you have worked before. Air is light and we cut down the tension into half. That is why shooting for an agency is always a hoot because there is a bigger chance you get to work with them again in commercial stints.  All Hail for Mark Onir. Here’s an image to keep you salivating.


For Model Folio Packages, please email us at or call us. Click on CONTACT US TAB on the main menu. THANKS



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ALDWIN+JOANNA (Prenuptial Shoot)

Location: Aviary, Pasonanca & Arcillas Beach, Zamboanga City (thanks for the Brion family) Make-up: Jojo Jalandoni // Assited by: Stevert Honorio //Shot by Darz Pobre

Coming home for the Holidays, I did a prenup shoot for a couple I knew way back in high school. Admittedly, it feels great to be shooting in my hometown, where locations aren’t that hard to come by, seeing that the provincial area creates a lot of access to nature – beaches, mini forests and lakes.

I’ve decided to go Bohemian with the direction to create more organic nuances with the photos. It wasn’t hard to pull off since the couple was game, and were kidders at heart, and the fact that I know them, makes it all the more fun. That’s the reason why most of my pre-nups are favors to friends.

The location was a large fish pond, adjacent to a beach front. I made sure it was turning towards late in the afternoon, where the sky was a bit diffused with overhead clouds and shadows were lengthening.

There was a melancholic feeling, like a silent longing that created a drama.

A patch of trees was a great playground for angular perspectives.

And the pond was a chance to create a storyline of running away.

or the look of far away love.

And more running away. hehehe

now he’s got her

and they’re just walking.

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DELUCA Clothing/Accessories

Client: Deluca Clothing and Accessories // Model: Helen Ilagan // Hair&Make up by Jam Pinaroc// Photo by Vil Ceredon for Bleachnstain

Helen has always been one of the very first muses of BNS. She has this strength around her that is engaging. The strong jawline, lovely eyes, bony structure where light just bounces in glistening glee. Apart from being smart and alcohol-free, she has kept herself simple and approachable without an ego that can be found in some models of the same calibre. 🙂

This goes out to Helen Ilagan, one of the very first precious Muses of BNS. All hail.


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Client: Tecson Flowers // Usage: Web Banner for January 2010 // Model: Sheena // Make-up Artist: Dino Lazaro // Stylist: Ram De Vera // Gown: Jun Escario // Shot by Darz Pobre for Bleachnstain

Bleachnstain + Tecson Flowers will have a booth at the Weddings and Beyond Expo this coming January 23 & 24, 2010. Please do drop by our booth which will be made by Interior Designer Benjo Pacson. Visit the Flower Online shop at to book early flowers for Valentines.


The meeting earlier was a handful. As part of the Tecson Creative Team, we need to prepare materials for the upcoming exhibit which will include Flyers, Tarp designs, Business Cards, Desktop Standees, Stickers and et. al. I am happy, between mid-sips of my orange mocha frap that BNS is finally conquering more media in design. 🙂

Bracing ourselves for the days ahead. BNS OUT.

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Client: URBAN TIME , Styleright Global Corporation// Model: Arianne Garcia // Make-up by Dino Lazaro// Location: Fenestra Studio, Tomas Morato // Shot by Vil Ceredon for BNS.

It was great working with Linfred Hans Yap, Marketing Manager of Urban Time and to work with Arianne Garcia. We were lucky enough to use Fenestra Studio in Tomas Morato which had really good lighting layout. As usual Dino Lazaro delivers another immaculately clean make-up, a true sign of his artistic mastery. It was great to have Vil shoot this project with so much candor. Makes me so  proud . Sniff sniff. hehehe.

Don’t you just love impeccable skin. There are just some people with a great affinity to light.

To infinity and beyond. BNS OUT.

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Model: Apy Arevalo // Make-up: Jam Pinaroc // Shot by: Vil Ceredon for BNS Beauty Collaterals

Anyone lucky enough to have met or worked with Ms. Apy Arevalo know of the tales of her kind spirit. There is a certain calm and familiarity even on the very first meeting with her. It would be hard not to be drawn to her inner sunshine. And this is still above the immense talent of this visual artist. This blog entry would hardly do justice to the body of work and the accomplishments she has cradled herself with. But anyone who have spent considerable time with her would know that beyond all things superficial, she is definitely not just skin-deep beautiful.

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Fun shoot for BNS Collaterals // Shot by Darz Pobre for BNS // Model: Helen Ilagan // Make up by: Stevert Honorio // Wedding Gown: Yto Gonzaga

BNS prides itself for its new approach to Bridal portraits and debut pre-shoots. For inquiries, just email

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