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Client: Tecson Flowers Corp. (www.tecsonflowers.com) // Web Design: Roy Yap Technical Programming: Ritzi Yap //Set Design and Floral Consultant: Benjo Pacson // PhotoShoot: Darz Pobre and Vil Ceredon for BNS

Photographers need to admit it.

Yes, I think it would be a safe assumption to say that on the list of things to photograph once you held an SLR for the first time, flowers would fall at least on the top three. So imagine our joy when we were asked to create the visual collaterals for Flower Giant Tecson Flowers Corporation. We have never seen so many flowers all at the same time arranged for a single-day shoot. The entire studio was literally “SPRING AWAKENING” and the floral scent was intoxicating. We can finally put a name to flowers rather than visually explaining in sign language.

You guys can visit the Tecson Flowers website to see all the product shots of beautifully arranged flowers. Floral Stylist and fresh Interior Designer graduate Benjo Pacson stepped in to provide a wonderful set and his personal take on tasteful floral design.

Goofin’ around between takes L-R Benjo Pacson, Darz Pobre and Vil Ceredon


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