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KAYE MORALES, Fashion Designer

Designer on Spotlight:  Kaye Morales // Brand: Schizo // Images by Darz Pobre of Bleachnstain //

A new comer fashion designer from SOFA who takes static notions of style and creates a vibrant bliss of individuality that combines the underground punk scene with brilliantly elegant street fashion. Kaye has created a line of urban wear to remind us that rebellion can also be elegant. As you would expect, it features a lot of  out-of-the ordinary cuts, fabrication and treatments. Plus the word “Punk” emblazoned across everything to really bring a very unique sense of style.

For a very short period of time that Kaye has held the pen and paper to sketch her dreams to life, she has made a name and developed a brand that has the bold spirit of rebellious statements while reconciling wearability appealing to a market with discriminating taste. Numerous pull-outs and tear sheets has been home to her unique pieces and orders have been raining non-stop. Now that she’s about to graduate from SOFA, she is arming herself with an arsenal of inspiration to conquer the Fashion scene by storm. 

To see more of her work and clientele you can visit SCHIZO.


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Welcoming back the wonderful team from FAME Publishing doing a photoshoot for the colorful fun pages of Tinkerbell. Master lensman Jermaine So-Reyes, Editorial Assistant Kumiko Mae and the rest of the crew brought in a high energy kid shoot that was altogether cute and bubbly.With sibling models: Faith and Carlos Herrera looking at shots with Jermaine, obviously pleased with the fun shots taken earlier. (BTS Shots by Ronan Espadero)

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Model: Peter Dee // Agency: Raven Models // Grooming by Barbarra Lee // Shot by Darz Pobre of
Scorching the BNS+CSI studio is newcomer Peter of Raven models, whose built is undeniably that of a basketball athlete. With sky scraping cheek bones and full lips, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if this looker will soon  grace magazine covers and fashion editorials. 
Peter falls under the rare breed of really tall models graced with memorable features perfect for high fashion.
Then again, the picture below might suggest that he can also do commercial. We’ll see soon enough!

BNS+CSI is proud to have in its shooting archive PETER DEE. Watch out! More shots from this model for a designer folio! 

(in photo is Leeloo Dallas, fashion police dog teehee)


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Early this morning, we are graced by the entourage of photographers Ryan Supersticioso// Jay & Abbey Sese // Model: Krish Villanueva. We are so happy you guys loved the place! Hope to see you guys back here again!

* * *

BNS+ CSI Studio welcomes the fab people from the Multimedia Powerhouse: Helium Productions who conducted their themed photoshoot Winter Love. A lot of people flooded the studio loft, music filling the air, energy all rising up as Senior Photographer Roy Yap snap fantastic photos as more and more models are made up by multi-discipline make artist slash organizer Niño and MUA/Photog/GA Stevert Honorio. Assisting in the creative and logistical line up is the lovely DebThe last quarter of the layouts where finished off by Stevert, which included a pre-nup shoot and some fun posing in the end.

All hail to the Multi-tasking crew of Helium. Learn more about Helium at

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Model: Leeloo Dallas, Pomeranian // Images by: Ronan Espadero of BNS+CSI// Clothes: Fur coat, model’s ownFollow fashion Dog police and calendar girl, Leeloo as she rub elbows with the powerful and beautiful people. Add her up in face book: Leeloo Dallas and see the glittery world through her pomeranian eyes.

For pet shoots, email


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Cover photo by Aaron Ebio
Shot at Calibre Studios
Makeup by Regie Escolin-Soriano
Styling by Miko Calma
Clothes by Petit Monde and Veejay Floresca
Special Thanks to STAGES THEATER CO. and Chai Suico
Karylle’s Skin Care by Belo Medical Group, Nail Care by Nail Craft, and Eye Wear (Contact Lenses) by Aryan Galaxy

Master Photographer Aaron Ebio with master-in-training apprentice Paolo Sy obliged to do the traditional BNS+Calibre shameless plug-in pose.  So fun to have these guys in the studio, atmosphere was so light and jolly. Good vibes!! All hail.

(Karylle Padilla Tatlonghari with the wonderful people from FAME and photographer Aaron Ebio after a full afternoon shoot at BNS+Calibre Studio.)
You never know how celebrities are till you see them in a photo-shooting arena. No bad thing can be said about the lovely Ms. Karylle, not only did she made everyone comfortable, she brings with her this energy that spreads throughout the studio. Though artists as big as her wrap themselves with a certain level of intimidation, she was a warm welcoming surprise. Go Karylle, we at BNS+Calibre are happy to have had you in our studio. (Sorry for the Zen song hehehe)

behind the scene photos by Ronan Espadero


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BNS ver. 2.0

Peg Shoot for Washday 2010 Exilio Campaign// February 27, 2010 // BNS Calibre Studio

For more info and register visit fine and firm facial form.

BNS 2010 brings you an upgraded brand of washday, where beyond the post processing, we aim to provide our washday advocates with elaborate light set ups and timeless portaits that require more than the usual mouse clicking skills.

SHOOT  CREDITS Model: Zen Kintanar // Styling: Jeffrey Somera // Skull Accessories: Felix Lim // Make-up: Barbarra Lee // Shot by Darz Pobre of BNS

Hope to see you in our new home. BNS+Calibre Studio!


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