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Model: Jules Sy // Clothes: Model’s Own // Studio Tech: Ronan Espadero // Images by Darrel Pobre of Bleachnstain

Jules Sy came in the studio today bringing with him not just his boyish looks but the depth of a Catholic-schooled basketball addict slash aspiring model, testing the waters of an image-making industry. With no make up on, it was just the harsh lights of the strobe and the landscape of his skin fusing into the these final artworks.
As always the case, the test shots are usually the break-the-ice portion, thus in most cases, it is the first layout that bears a lot of photos. He stood posing formally in classic stances, but later let go and gave me more pensive looks that lets you peek deeper into his character.Personally, the photos that appeal to me most are portraits of people where it makes you wonder what they were thinking at the moment the shot was taken. There is a lingering question, an instant inquiry upon glancing on the image that provokes the viewer to ask the question why.He started to loosen up when I asked him to do movements, and in most cases, this can be tricky since a lot of  models get caught up with the action itself, they tend to forget how their face registers on cam. There is a certain dead calmness in his looks that is both charming and threatening. The more significant part happened after the shoot. In classic Darz fashion, once I get the shot that I want, I move on to the next, and so we ended earlier than expected. Small talks , together with Kuya Ronan, lingered and extended into a stimulating conversation of childhood past, high school stuff and all the stuff guys talk about. Owing to the fact that my studio tech and Jules came from the same High School, it was disarming to see Jules crumble into stories and flashbacks which made me appreciate more how real and candid he was.


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