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BNS delivers its second main course with STAINED, the sequel to the two part anniversary shoot. Filling in the frame with the rough and rugged play of light and texture with a colorful spin of dark extreme contrast and shadows. Come and be part of this polar opposite from white to dark, from bleach to stain. 
Jewelry by RAIN (TimTam Ong) //Plastic Accessories by Felix Lim // Wardrobe from Happy Andrada and Kaye Morales // Make up for this test shoot: Stevert Honorio & JM GarciaModels: Alvin Aguilar, Kevin John Zaldarriaga, Ronald Simbillo, Carlo Atienza, Kat Agustin & Aira SaunarShades from Stevert Honorio
Come in your dark glamour ensemble. Additional accessories and dresses available in the studio. You can opt to be in Dark Suit, black shiny jewel tone outfits, Tight leggings and party outfits.


To reserve a slot, please text 09175179172



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WASHDAY Unleashed

To follow.

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Model: Carlo Adorador // Grooming: Barbarra Lee // Images by Darz Pobre of Bleachnstain // Assisted by Ronan EspaderoTo work with Carlo Adorador is to affirm the belief in professional modeling. This is the guy who can, at will, provide with precise, almost clean cut looks at a range that can only come from experience. To top it all up, his kind demeanor and really candid no-bullshit attitude would probably be the next remarkable trait apart from his obvious hunk-ness. Born with an Olympus cheekbones and lips the size of couture, one does not need to second-guess the occupation of such an individual. It’s reaffirming to be working with big people in the industry who have not grown an ego the size of a planet. As opposed to what I have been advised, this industry has still a lot of heart in it and ones does not need to create an image of greatness to compensate the true lack of it. 
Leeloo with Carlo. My dog, the celebrity. Hehehe BNS OUT.

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Model/Actress: Echo Caceres (Survivor Philippines) // Accessories: Rain by TimTam // Wardrobe: Model’s own //Hair and Make-up: Clarence Esposo // Tech Assistant: Ronan Espadero // Images by Darz Pobre of Bleachnstain

The first time Echo walked into the studio, it was evident that she wasn’t the timid, facade-bearing woman. She was strong, upfront, and in all manners – bakla(lablab). Which made shooting her more dynamic, really. There were no ice to be broken. She was candid and blatantly honest without of course causing anyone to cringe. Appearing in a recent indie flick Pulupot, much can be said as to how she brings character into the frame and how she can shift her range into different looks.

It’s great to work again with Clarence, who, I believe, will grace this blog far longer than forever. There is a certain joy with working with great talent but a much deeper giggly wiggly feeling occurs when you pair that with a great personality.BNS OUT.

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RAIN by Tim-Tam

Product shots by Ronan Espadero for Bleachnstain// Client: Rain (LRI Design Plaza, 1/F N. Garcia Ave Bel-Air Makati)

Special thanks to Tim Tam. Please do visit Rain. A haven of rare finds in accessories all tastefully selected from around the globe.


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BLEACHED: Anniversary Special (Test shoot)

More architectural accessories coming with a geometric set built on the day of the actual shooting day on April 10. Bleached is all about acquired distilled taste, restraint elegance and an elevated perspective in fashion. The light, the edges, the play with bright lights and classical shadows all contribute to an image that is, in all aspect, tasteful and timeless. 

See you there. BNS White OUT. 

Spots filling up fast, to secure a slot contact Vil at 0917 517 9172.  

Php 1000 ( hair, make-up and styling with 2 edited images, raw shots on a cd and printed copies)

Note: Please come in an all white ensemble. 🙂 Styling pieces will be added. 

BLEACHED is part one of  a two-segment shoot followed by STAINED as a celebration of BNS’ Anniversary in imaging magic, having more than 15 Washdays in a span of roughly more than a year. As a gift, STAINED will be offered at a discounted price for all BLEACHED participants.  

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