BNS Feature Stylist: AISA IPAC

April 13, 2011 at 3:23 am Leave a comment

There could be some cosmological explanation how this stylist’s name sounds like a PDA device, because in essence, she does appear to have mutated enough limbs to multi-task organizing fab blogger events, pull out and style for fash editorials, manage her online store, on top of working for a fashion mag and converting oxygen to carbon dioxide in between.

But what makes Aisa more than just a human swiss knife is her character. It’s a given that her styling sensibilities are quite obvious and surprisingly cohesive in her body of work, which makes it more evident that she’s one with a vision, an inclination, a certain flair that she can truly own up to and that the cyber audience have grown to love her for.

Talking at a speed of 4 words per second, her sunshiny disposition, regardless of lack of sleep or caffeine or whatever steroids she puts in her cereal, makes her a photographer’s antidote for a dragging shoot. She hoards really unique thrifted pieces, that when properly combined, makes a complete conversation piece that is so anti-mass production.

In a world where generations are herded like sheep by some fashion trend, she stands unmoved with her bangs held high and her foot bent into a pose undeniably ready for a click-flash.

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