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Having to shoot a model tableau poses a unique challenge simply because there is distinctive consideration with adjacent subjects. Then again the smell of a stampede of models creates a sizzle in the studio air and to rise up to the challenge was in order. It was fab to work with a handful of models the first time because there is a certain anticipation of what they can bring to the frame, and moreover any photographer knows that there are those that simply transform visually when seen on the digital output. It was great to have been entrusted with F.Designer Popo Go for his 2010 Holiday Collection and to finally have worked with Nikki Sonico after meeting him in a house-warming party  months ago. Looking forward to shooting more lookbooks after this coming Fashionweek this October. Bring it on.


Darz Pobre for BNS


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BNS|Feature: JEAR, Stylist

Stylist Jear DMC has got to be one of the emerging up and coming male stylists that has made me appreciate more the power of impro-visions. He has a strong sense in creating looks that has become a brand of a new GEN of fashionistas that follow an almost instinctive, no-rule, multi-inspired sense of style. Apart from his usual studious grin when he is in deep thought during shoots, his knack for details and auto-busy bee mode has definitely made one breathe a little lighter knowing that everything would go fab owing to the sheer dedication of this maverick.

Models:  Charlie Sutcliffe | Grooming: Lawrence Bondoc | Photographed by Darrel Pobre for BNS

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THANK YOU for Boarding with Us.

For anyone who have had the BNS experience know fully well that Washdays are more than just a photo shoot. What started out as a shooting marathon, we fine tune our process to accommodate only a handful for quality assurance. For a couple of years running, we have seen our works grow, our contact list expand, our Washday goers evolve and it is with great pride and honor that we do one this month in commemoration to a tradition of friendship, of remembering humble beginnings and of looking forward to more shoots the fueled by creativity and inspired with good company.To those who have stuck with us and has become part of our tumble-dry history, thank you for being part of this exciting Uno-Stacko shooting life and for the new ones coming in we welcome you with the eagerness of a  kid on Christmas day. To the BNS team and our associate stylists, agents, models and make up artists, thank you for your dedication and steroidal energy. To the  Washday family, we wouldn’t be here without you.


Team BNS, to infinity and beyond.

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BNS delivers its second main course with STAINED, the sequel to the two part anniversary shoot. Filling in the frame with the rough and rugged play of light and texture with a colorful spin of dark extreme contrast and shadows. Come and be part of this polar opposite from white to dark, from bleach to stain. 
Jewelry by RAIN (TimTam Ong) //Plastic Accessories by Felix Lim // Wardrobe from Happy Andrada and Kaye Morales // Make up for this test shoot: Stevert Honorio & JM GarciaModels: Alvin Aguilar, Kevin John Zaldarriaga, Ronald Simbillo, Carlo Atienza, Kat Agustin & Aira SaunarShades from Stevert Honorio
Come in your dark glamour ensemble. Additional accessories and dresses available in the studio. You can opt to be in Dark Suit, black shiny jewel tone outfits, Tight leggings and party outfits.


To reserve a slot, please text 09175179172


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Models: Faye Soriano & Jazel Mercado // Stylist: Xernan Orticio // Blue Short Dresses by Gabbie Sarenas, Black Garments by Xernan Orticio, Colored long Gowns by Popo Go // Make up artists: Chany Libago & Wacks Joaquin // Casting by Yeoh Egwaras // Photo by Darz 

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This has got to be one of the best shoots in Washday History. Factoring out the wonderful pull-outs from fashion revolutionary Happy Andrada and corsets from Jerry Ocampo (thanks Nina Dumpa). Accessories from Felix Lim (Belated Happy Birthday, you know we love you). Wigs and outfit from Jin (thanks for Breadtalk darling) Set Design by Benjo Pacson and a stellar cast of Make-up artists that has been with us ever since Nica Espadero, Lawrence Bondoc, Rina Bautista, Dino Lazaro and Jam Pinaroc.

The atmosphere was great, light and spacious, all attention to details. Logistics and traffic were great. Special thanks to special performances (Single Ladies) Icko, Evan and Dino + Lyka and Sinoia. It was full of fun and laughter and we love the personal feedback people are saying regarding our work. All hail to Ronan Espadero (and Mara), my right hand and studio techmaster.

We are so happy to be back and we love the way you guys eagerly waited for Washdays to come back. We look forward to finding ways in accommodating more advocates soon, maybe a three day shoot. Who knows.

For now, enjoy these photos.

Batch 1 (Click here)

Batch 2 (Click here)

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PHOTOGS in BNS+Calibre

Chef-slash-Photographer JR Velasquez arrived with his model army for a fun filled shoot at BNS+Calibre. Ranging from clean and fresh to sexy and raunchy to high fashion, it was a day of full ranges.  Though a lot of great things can be said about his great skill in directing models, we have yet to decide whether his cooking skills are equally excellent (Hint: Pesto pasta, haha) // MUA: Victoria Contreras // Stylist: Lyka Galeon // Hair: Rolly Gecite // Assisted by: Ronan EspaderoAlso BNS+Calibre is pleased to have photographer Vincent who came to shoot our favorite Dooughnut. Teehee. 

Happy to have you guys in our studio

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