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Men’s Fashion

Photographed by Darrel Pobre | Styled by Jear De Mc Cuttac




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STRATAGEM by Vincent Ceredon

PHOTO & ILLUSTRATION | Vincent Ceredon (BNS Intern)  HAIR | Mark Baquiran MAKE UP | Dino Lazaro  ART DIRECTION | Darrel Pobre

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SINOIA NZIMA Fashion Shoot

Model: Sinoia Nzima | Hair and Make up: Stevert Honorio | Styling : Nino | Location: Cagbalete Island | Assisted by: Vincent Ceredon | Photographed by Vil Ceredon for ILOVEBNSWhite Dress by Gabbie SarenasGown by Happy Andrada

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BNS X MRS.PIXELS Collaboration

BNS collaborates with MRS. PIXELS in a fully-styled, highly art-directed fashion folio shoot, bringing in polychromatic elements as set design. With professional stylists and make up artists in tow, this will totally be a wonderful entry to the colorful world of style and fashion.   SIGN UP NOW at MRS. PIXELS at the Robinson’s Galleria for a secured slot .


Poster shoot | Models : Web and Shyrmain | Hair and Make up : Adrian Adraincem | Styling for Male: Benjo Pacson | Dresses pullouts from Drezzee

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BNS x KAMERAWORLD Collaboration

BNS teams up with Kameraworld to cast a wider net reaching to more fashionistas awaiting to have the WASHDAY Experience – A signature open shoot series three years  running providing high quality, art directed and creatively styled photos fit for the discriminating eyes. Also perfect for models building their portfolios and setcards. 

This time, major styling pieces will come from Hat Mama’s head pieces. Statement and chic, dapper and sartorial, it creates the perfect profile shot that will surely be a conversation piece.

Visit any Kameraworld Branch to secure limited slots of this photo tour.

May 28 – SM North Edsa | May 29 – Alabang Town Center | June 4 – Mall of Asia

See you there,



Poster Shoot: Models | Web & Arny | Hair and Make up by: Adrian Adraincem

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BNS Feature Stylist: AISA IPAC

There could be some cosmological explanation how this stylist’s name sounds like a PDA device, because in essence, she does appear to have mutated enough limbs to multi-task organizing fab blogger events, pull out and style for fash editorials, manage her online store, on top of working for a fashion mag and converting oxygen to carbon dioxide in between.

But what makes Aisa more than just a human swiss knife is her character. It’s a given that her styling sensibilities are quite obvious and surprisingly cohesive in her body of work, which makes it more evident that she’s one with a vision, an inclination, a certain flair that she can truly own up to and that the cyber audience have grown to love her for.

Talking at a speed of 4 words per second, her sunshiny disposition, regardless of lack of sleep or caffeine or whatever steroids she puts in her cereal, makes her a photographer’s antidote for a dragging shoot. She hoards really unique thrifted pieces, that when properly combined, makes a complete conversation piece that is so anti-mass production.

In a world where generations are herded like sheep by some fashion trend, she stands unmoved with her bangs held high and her foot bent into a pose undeniably ready for a click-flash.

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Having to shoot a model tableau poses a unique challenge simply because there is distinctive consideration with adjacent subjects. Then again the smell of a stampede of models creates a sizzle in the studio air and to rise up to the challenge was in order. It was fab to work with a handful of models the first time because there is a certain anticipation of what they can bring to the frame, and moreover any photographer knows that there are those that simply transform visually when seen on the digital output. It was great to have been entrusted with F.Designer Popo Go for his 2010 Holiday Collection and to finally have worked with Nikki Sonico after meeting him in a house-warming party  months ago. Looking forward to shooting more lookbooks after this coming Fashionweek this October. Bring it on.


Darz Pobre for BNS

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